IMG_3083Hello! My name is Katy Britton and I am a Human Biology major at NC State University. This website is dedicated to documenting my experience in Global Health and Physiology 425 at NC State through reflections, artifacts, a global health proposal, and photos. Before going on the study abroad portion of the class we spent three weeks exploring a variety of global health issues as well as possible solutions. We also examined the difficulties in implementing many of the solutions we had or that already existed. To understand global health from another perspective we traveled to Belize for 12 days with NC State Study Abroad and ISL (International Service Learning) to set up clinics in rural areas of the country where access to medical treatment was scarce. Through the experience I learned how rewarding, as well as difficult it was to deal with global health issues in another country.

I would like to thank Dr. Overman for making this trip possible and for guiding us through the entire experience. I would also like to thank the ISL team in Belize who set up and coordinated every aspect of our trip, and the translators who accompanied and helped us through house visits and clinic days. Finally I would like to thank all my classmates who went through this experience along side me and made it all the more exciting and rewarding.


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