May 17, 2017 – Global Health

  1. What is Global Health?

    Global health is the practice of studying, researching, and understanding the health and wellness of a country based on a variety of economic, social, and cultural aspects. Global health can be applied to both developed and developing nations as both are codependent for the field to exist. Developed nations have the task of doing a majority of the research in order to go to developing countries to help them gain the same level of health and wellness that may not be commonplace in the culture. Though both developed and developing countries could improve in their own regards, they are both reliant on the other to raise awareness over global and local issues, as well as gain understanding, security, and overall safety for each respective country.

  2. What is my role in Global Health?

    A major role I have in global health is to raise awareness and gain greater understanding for global health issues facing many developing countries. Because America is fairly well off in terms of healthcare compared to many other countries, many people do not realize or take the time to understand the deficits of other healthcare systems across the world. By going abroad, I will be able to see and experience the ways in which healthcare differs in another country, specifically Belize. I will need to learn how to adapt my ideas to another culture and figure out how to try to help people while taking into account each individual situation. Through this experience I, and those around me will be able to develop solutions from the health problems plaguing countries like Belize. Once I return from my trip I will have the ability to explore my proposal and through it I can raise awareness for both global health as a whole and for the trip itself.

  3. What makes a successful Global Health Initiative?

    A successful Global Health Initiative will involve teamwork and collaboration in order to to come up with the best possible solutions to a variety of problems. In addition, we will need to be creative and open minded because there are already so many proposed ideas for global health issues; thus, we will need to find new and innovative solutions and build upon those that may already exist. To keep the initiative successful, we will need to spread our ideas and build upon our ideas in order to keep them fresh and to get other people, who can also work on these solutions, interested in them as well. Additionally, we will need to respect other cultures and adapt solutions to fit in with what is acceptable in each country. We also need to find a way to keep people accountable for potential solutions we come up with so that we can be sure the program or initiative is working.


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